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Earn Your Multiple Subject Credential

In California, a person studying to be an elementary school teacher will work toward obtaining a Multiple Subject Credential. This credential allows you to teach the variety of subjects offered at elementary schools.

Credential coursework can be done as part of your undergraduate degree, meaning you can finish your bachelor’s degree and credential at the same time. Some universities have this as a “blended” program. We think it is just good sense. It will take 4-5 years depending on the pace you set for becoming a teacher.

Concordia's Liberal Studies major is part of California's Elementary Subject Matter Preparation (ESM) program. Therefore, Concordia students in this major who pursue the Multiple Subject credential will not be required to take the California Subject Examination Test (CSET).

If you want to teach in a Lutheran school you can obtain your Lutheran Teacher Certificate through Concordia. This can be done with your undergraduate major and credential coursework.

Admission Requirements

Admission to the Teacher Education program comes in two parts. You must first be accepted as a student through the University Admissions application process. A separate application for the School of Education will be done once you have started the introductory education classes.

The State of California requires that all candidates for teacher credentials fulfill the Basic Skills requirements and Subject Matter Competency requirements. This may include passing state-approved tests before certification no matter which school you attend.

Student Teaching and Placements for Elementary Candidates.

For transfer students to Concordia, read more here.

Student Teaching and Placements

Student teaching is the culminating experience of the credential program. This is a full-time experience in two classroom settings for an entire semester (18 weeks). Generally, fall student teaching ends mid-January and spring student teaching ends mid-June. Multiple subject candidates will gain experience in an upper and lower grade level setting.

Learn more about Student Teaching and Placements for Elementary Candidates.

Meet Your Professors

Professors in the School of Education are active participants in helping you reach your educational goals. Our courses are developed and delivered by faculty who integrate classroom techniques with best teaching practices, real-world experience, as well as a Christian moral, ethical, and value perspective of leadership.

Michael Schulteis

Co-Director of Undergraduate Teacher Credential Programs & Director of M.Ed.
Dr. Michael Schulteis has been a full-time faculty member in the School of Education since 2003, specializing in science and math education, teaching instructional methods, classroom management and research methods courses, and supervising graduate research projects. His educational research has focused on evolution education in parochial schools.

Rebecca Stanton

Co-Director of Undergraduate Teacher Education Programs & Senior Director of Teacher Credential Programs
Dr. Rebecca Stanton has been teaching in the School of Education at Concordia since 2005, specializing in secondary teaching methods, classroom management, and differentiated instruction. As a university supervisor of student teachers and as a parent volunteer, she has spent innumerable hours in K-12 classrooms. Her sons' special needs have inspired her interest in how the brain learns and how to set up positive, inclusive learning environments. She presents on various teaching strategies at local, regional, and national conferences.

More Faculty

One of our greatest assets at Concordia University Irvine is our dedicated faculty. In a small learning environment, our professors care about you — not just your performance — and they cultivate lifelong mentoring relationships with the students they teach.

Education Faculty

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